Notes from Rob Walling’s interview on Mixergy

Here are my notes from Rob Walling’s interview on Mixergy. I’ve been a member of the Micropreneur community for a while now and highly recommend joining.

Not happy as dev/consultant – hamster wheel
– when 50 will I still be doing this?
– wants to enjoy work

Years seeking freedom from bosses/clients – took 9 years
Freedom 1st goal, purpose second
Don’t stop learning – buying new businesses, new marketing techniques
Look for specific actions that generate sales
Divine restlessness – remodel business/work every 18-24 months
Worked day job, then 8 hours in evening working on own projects
Tried many projects this way, but they had no market
Would do marketing first now
Read/watch tactical stuff – take notes (action notes)
How to deal with significant other
– need to get their buy-in as there will be ups and downs
– explain why you want to do it
When you’re unhappy – the salary money doesn’t matter
– but money in the bank makes you happy and gives you choices
– being a slave to money and salary makes you unhappy
Changed goals – smaller ideas, served a niche
Hired VA to help with drop shipping
Does hibernate and go into focus
– heads down, massive strides forward
How to get so much done?
– only work on a few things at once
– VA tier one email support

Find a market before building a product
Learn Internet marketing
Provide value people will pay for

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One Response to Notes from Rob Walling’s interview on Mixergy

  1. Rob says:

    Cool; thanks for the summary. It’s nice to see the take-aways all in one place like this.

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