5 Conclusions From Seeing The Stone Roses

I had the pleasure of watching The Stone Roses at Heaton Park yesterday – Saturday 30th June 2012. A day I’ll remember forever. I first got into music around 1994 with Oasis, so missed out on The Stone Roses when they were at their best in 1989 – and didn’t see the band before their split. I’ve seen Ian Brown, John Squire and Mani separately in their various guises – so was very excited when they announced getting back together with Reni too.

1, The crowd was great
I’ve been to loads of Oasis gigs and there has always been a bit of a feeling that things could kick off at any moment. People seem quite aggressive and up for a brawl. The crowd at the Stone Roses average age was probably a bit older than the last time I saw Oasis at Wembley, but I think the fact that the music is more relaxed and chilled sets the feeling for everyone. I didn’t see one instance of trouble all day, and everybody was really happy and smiling to each other. Apparently there was some trouble at the bar the night before with people struggling to get served quickly – but there wasn’t any evidence of this on Saturday.

2, The Stone Roses were great
They were better than I could have imagined. I was worried about going to see them in case they sucked – but it was an amazing day, and they were amazing. Nothing else to say really…

3, Beady Eye need Noel Gallagher
It must be annoying for Beady Eye that the songs people enjoyed most were the couple of Oasis covers they did – Rock n Roll Star and Morning Glory. I think their own stuff would be average Oasis songs at best. And even these Oasis covers they did weren’t as good as ‘proper’ Oasis with Noel playing. But then I always was a Noel person 🙂

4, John Squire, Mani and Reni are awesome musicans
Beady Eye had Andy Bell and Gem Archer on guitar, bass, drumer and keyboard player – and of course Liam Gallagher singing – but they didn’t seem to produce as much noise and music as just the 3 of Squire, Mani and Reni. It’s interesting listening to The Stone Roses play with just a single guitarist as they use the moments of not playing as important parts of the song, and of course Mani is an aweseome bass player so almost acts as a second guitarist.

I also wonder if they keep the PA at 8 or 9 for the support acts and then wack it up to 10 for the main act.

5, I wish I continued playing the guitar from being a teenager and in a band 🙂 But of course there are many interests and hobbies I wish I continued or focused more on – playing golf from when I started at 10, interest in making computer games, cycling, art and drawing.
But interests come and go – but there has to be something said about focusing on one skill.

Even now though I couldn’t choose just one of the above things to focus entirely on.

Did The Stone Roses get back together for the money? They’ll certainly be making a lot of money just from these Heaton Park gigs and it’ll be interesting to see if they write any new songs. I don’t think anybody who saw them play yesterday cares though and the band did seem to be enjoying themselves rather than just going through the motions.

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