Block time wasters from your work day

I was feeling pretty burnt out on Thursday night so Brett suggested I take Friday off to make a long weekend. Three days away from my computer sounded like a great idea – so I willingly accepted his suggestion.

A number of weird things happened in a row. I saw Andrew Warner post on Twitter about a new eBook called ‘Get out of Jail Free Card‘. As I feel as though I’ve been drowning in email and todo lists I bought it and had a read. It’s short, to the point, and I’m going to implement quite a few things from it. I highly recommend it!

After reading the eBook I started thinking about the things I waste my time on during the day – email, Facebook, Twitter, BBC news/sport, Hacker News, Techmeme etc. I have a Windows laptop, Macbook Pro and iPad. I realized I need to limit all these time wasting activities (except email – need to just batch that) to my iPad! That leaves my 2 laptops as work devices for me to concentrate on being productive. I’ve edited the hosts file on my Win7 laptop now to block all these time wasters…

I wouldn’t ever claim to be as great a thinker as Seth Godin, but it was really weird how he posted a blog article suggesting exactly the same on the same day!

Are you making something

Looking forward to next week, I feel it’s going to be a productive one!

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