Book: Killing Floor – Lee Child

Wow – this is the first fiction book I’ve read since Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which I read a week after it was published! I hurt my ankle playing football (soccer) on Thursday and that meant this weekend was not going to be spent on the golf course or on my bike. Sophie has been mad for all the Lee Child/Jack Reacher books and so I asked her to recommend me one to read on Friday evening. By Sunday afternoon I’d finished it!

Lee Child - Killing Floor

If you enjoy simple to read, fast paced, action books – this is one for you! I’m not going to try and do a proper review as I’m not much of a literary critic, but I enjoyed it so much I’ve got another one in the series next to my bed to get ready to start.

It was also really nice reading some fiction before bed instead of a business book. I think I actually slept better this weekend than I had done for a long time. Need to switch off sometimes.

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