Book review : Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

Just before Christmas I finished reading Uncertainty by Jonathon Fields. It’s a really good book which I gave 5 stars on Amazon. It has also helped me work through a few issues such as ‘dealing with burnout’ and ‘being public about projects’.

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

The overall premise of the book is that people are scared of exposing and being judged on their work. And yet this is exactly what is needed by people who are working on new projects that aim to move things forward.

Constantly exposing yourself to judgement from others can be tiring, exhausting and even scary. People can even back away from this process and become really introverted about the work they are doing. The book also covers a number of things that can help with this such as creating routines and anchors to ensure you get your creative work done.

It also goes into some detail about looking after your body and mind, as without these being in a great state you will never be able to create good work. This is something I realized just before reading this book so it was nice to have it confirmed by someone else. It is common sense of course – but often when you are head down trying to get things done common sense goes out the window and you forget to do the most basic things such as eating healthy and exercising.

It’s also easy when you are head down, working hard, to head off in a direction you never wanted to go. As the book refers to it:

It’s easy, as a creator, to fall into the habit of showing up and simply doing the work every day without ever stopping to examine whether your current direction is truly serving your muse, your greater life, and your community.

Sometimes you need to step back from the process and evaluate if the work you are doing will get you to where you want to go. The hard thing for me at the moment though is figuring out where I want to go as it seems to change each time I think about it 🙂

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