Book: The Medici Secret

After reading 2 Jack Reacher books in a row I decided I wanted to read something a bit different. I really liked the Dan Brown books and so was attracted to The Medici Secret as it has a similar type cover and seemed like it would be a similar type, fast action paced book…

The Medici Secret

The book annoyed me a bit as it kept jumping around different centuries/years which I sometimes struggled to keep up with. There were quite a lot of different characters in it too which was sometimes confusing, but if you didn’t remember all the details it didn’t seem to matter as I followed the story along OK. The author tried to put in the usual surprise/twist at the end, but to be honest it didn’t really make that much difference to the story! Every book I read now I keep wondering what the attempted twist will be at the end…

A good read, not the best book of the last 12 months but not the worst either.

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