Changing my consumption habits

I feel as though I’ve been trying to consume too much information. From listening to Mixergy shows and other podcasts, to reading lots of books – I consume a lot but don’t always retain or action it. After sitting down and watching Clay Johnson’s interview on Mixergy about his new book ‘The Information Diet’ I decided I need to change my approach. Rather than reading a book, or listening to Mixergy in the bath – I’m going to study them. This means reading my current book or watching the next Mixergy interview and taking notes. Studying is something I used to do at school and university but somehow stopped as I got older. I learned a lot back then, but feel as although I’ve been consuming a lot, I’ve stopped learning as much.

The good news is I’m going to publish my study information/notes here – just to prove to myself I have been studying, and hopefully to help someone else. Get ready for the first set of notes from the Clay Johnson Mixergy show.

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