Embrace the ‘Not invented here’ attitude

I found the new podcast by Scott Hanselman and Rob Coneroy on Saturday called ‘This Developers Life‘. I’ve listened to a few episodes and have really enjoyed them so will be subscribing to it through iTunes. The podcast I’m referring to in this blog post is titled Audacity where they kick the podcast off with speaking to John Resig the creator of jQuery. John was mentioning at the time of starting jQuery there were some other good Javascript frameworks around such as script.aculo.us and Prototype, but he started jQuery because he just wanted to build his own tools to use.

This reminded me of the ‘Not invented here‘ attitude – which is usually frowned upon in the workplace. Companies or individuals do not want to use something because they haven’t built it, and they’d rather build there own. Rather than being looked upon as being a negative, I think people should embrace the ‘Not Invented Here’ attitude and go and build whatever they want – even if someone has done it already. If we all went with the same Javascript library John Resig would never have started jQuery. I feel embracing ‘Not Invented Here’ is key for innovation and changing things for the better! Now go out and start building…!

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