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Tony Robbins – people either love him or hate him. If you are into your self help books, I’m sure you have read either Awaken the Giant Within or Unlimited Power. I enjoy reading his stuff, but don’t go with all the hype. His new book is about money, and it has the same message as Scott Adams thoughts below on Matt Cutts blog, but in 500 pages. Anyhow – this interview with James Altucher is interesting and fun, and worth listening to.
If you don’t want to read Anthony Robbins new book, just read the blog post above – and you’ll be good.
Panda penalties are frustrating (we think we got hit by one in May). You won’t get any notice from Google you are under penalty, but at least working out of it is all in your own hands. Better still – take note of the above points and don’t get hit!
Want some business ideas you can start yourself in your spare time and then scale up – check this out.
Check if your web page is mobile friendly
‘Mobile Friendly’ label that is starting to appear in some Google Search results. I’ve just noticed it appearing next to some of our pages this evening
You can’t work flat out all the time, or at least I can’t! Motivation and enthusiasm generally comes in bursts. Enjoy it when it happens, and manage things when you are feeling slow
I am very jealous of Brecht Palombo. I have done a couple of week long road trips in the US and they were some of my favourite times away. I’m determined to try and take Isabel and Sophie away for 6-12 months before Isabel starts school. I have started de-cluttering already!
2nd lecture I have watched in this series, and again some invaluable points – and 2 good book recommendations.

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