Introducing ToDo Rewards

I was looking at the post-it notes over my desk last week and started thinking about how I manage tasks, and also about the things that motivate me to get tasks done. Sometimes I’m really motivated and the day flies by with all tasks accomplished by the end of it, other days I get virtually nothing done and the day drags.

I think there’s a pattern emerging that the days that are most productive are also the days I’m most organised. My tasks are written down, and broken into steps if necessary – and I feel a sense of accomplishment as I strike them out. Wanting to create something new last week I thought about how a web app could make me more productive each day. It would need to help me do a few things…

1, be more organised
2, get motivated
3, feel accomplishment when tasks are done
4, feel accountable – encourage me to get my tasks done!

So I’ve built something simple called ToDo Rewards –

Yes it needs a design implement – but the functionality is there 🙂

The idea is that each ToDo item has a number of points against it. As you complete it, these points are added to your daily productivity total. From trying this out for a few days you certainly do get motivated to improve your daily points total. Lets see how ToDo Rewards achieves the 4 original aims set out above.

1, Being Organised
My ToDo items need to be in ToDo Rewards for me to be able to complete them and get the points value for doing them. Also you can setup re-occurring tasks that automatically get created for you each day in your ToDo list.

2, Get Motivated
Seeing the points total rising each day as you accomplish more is a good way to get motivated. Also I’ve created ToDo Rewards so you have a public profile – so others can see how productive you are each day (this also covers accountability). Here is my public ToDo Rewards page.

3, Feel Accomplishment
You get points, tasks have a strike through line, what more accomplishment do you need? You can also share your completed task lists on Twitter of Facebook to brag to your friends/co-workers.

4, Feel accountable
There is a public view of your ToDo list showing the tasks, which you’ve completed and your total points for that day. This is good for sharing with friends and colleagues to show what you’ve already got done, and what else needs to be done. Not everything needs to be shared of course – if you mark a task as private it won’t show in the public view.

So through some simple openness, game mechanics and accountability – ToDo Rewards can help make you more productive and have a little fun along the way.

There are many ideas around tasks that could be implemented…here are a few…
1, Rewards – get rewards throughout the day as you hit certain productivity point scores
2, Analysis – track through weeks and months how productive you’ve been and spot trends
3, Social – find people who have similar tasks to do, help them out or share the workload
4, Team management – allow managers to set tasks and priorities for team members

Please give it a try at , and let me know your feedback…

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