Learning R Programming : The Tutorials

I’ve been trying to learn the programming language R for a couple of months now, and while following the course datacamp.com has been good – it is only by doing real (useful) tasks that I feel I can move my knowledge forward enough to be ready to tackle some machine learning competitions on Kaggle.

Back in the day, when transitioning over from VB6 to VB.net, a really useful book that helped me along was Karl Moores Visual Basic.Net : The Tutorials (I even wrote an Amazon review for it – it really must have been good!!!)

My plan is to develop something like this as a set of blog posts, where each posts outlines a problem – with the solution after. I have no doubt that some of the solutions will be suboptimal – but that’s where I hope the interweb will come in handy and help me improve my knowledge.

Lets see how it goes. Here are the topics covered to far.

Reading in a text file and getting the average of a column

Drawing a simple line graph with 2 lines

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