Notes, Clay Johnson The Information Diet

Here are my notes after watching the Clay Johnson interview on Mixergy about his book ‘The Information Diet

Decide what to consume
Better for your health
– sitting is killing you
Better social interaction
– not setting next to each other with TV on and laptops on
Challenge – just like being on a food diet
Quality not quantity
– people don’t get fat eating lots of broccoli!
Big benefits
– more time to produce
– enhance relationships

1, Measurement is important
rescue time app
Journal – simple textfile
– spot patterns
– am I reading too much on X, rather than doing it…
eg reading too much Lean Startup stuff

2, Realize the intent of the content
probably selling advertising?

3, Data Literacy
Understand in depth what you are consuming
Depth is more important than breadth
Internet makes us scatterbrains
Develop a mastery of a subject
Stuff that is actionable

4, Information Fitness
Attention spam – slowly improve it
– techniques like pomodoro timer
You don’t want to accidentally find yourself on FB/Twitter/etc
People lose track of time when looking at a screen
Notifications are evil

5, Create/produce
Even if no-one reads what you are writing, you are getting a benefit
– putting things down on paper, you think ideas out
Clay writes 1,000 words per day before noon
Producing creates mastery
Add more to the world


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