Website for teaching golf professionals – March Update

As I announced on the last episode of the Britstrapped is back on the go, and this time as a SaaS company to teaching golf professionals. Back when we started the podcast in December 2014 this was my original idea – but I approached it with the wrong tech. While WordPress is great – I realize now it is the wrong platform for offering teaching golf professionals a web site, online calendar, booking system and CRM. Back then I was only going to be offering them the web site too – but setting up and managing 10’s of 100’s of WordPress sites didn’t really float my boat! This time I am building my own templated web site offering using ASP.NET MVC which is where my skill set lies.

As well as the tech learning from the original failed idea, I have spent the last 9 months working on Gareth Johnston Golf’s web site and social profiles. So I have learnt a lot more about the golf teaching business and the way software can help people run their teaching businesses better.

So it feels weird coming back to an idea I kicked into touch 9 or so months ago – but I feel in a much better place to attack it now. I’m also going to post monthly updates here so people can keep track of how things are going…

The targets for this month were:
1, Build a basic admin backend for managing sites
2, Build the CMS around a Bootstrap template
3, Get Alex and Lewis’s sites up and running
4, Get a marketing holding page up

The good news is I managed to get all this done! You can check out Alex and Lewis’s sites here:
Alex Lodge Golf
Lewis Bird Golf

The marketing holding page really is basic ( – but it ticks the box, and gives me something to work on in April.

So April’s goals are:
– get blog functionality on the golfers sites, and on the marketing site
– put together a whitepaper on golf pro’s using a particular social network to generate leads
– get 5 paying customers

5 paying customers is going to be tough 🙂

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