Building Task Hub

I’ve been building yet another todo list/task management application called Task Hub. It’s my take on the Getting Things Done methodology. So why yet another productivity tool? Here’s my thinking…

As for as I am concerned there are two main ways of building something new

Lean Startup
– Scratch Your Own Itch

I think the Lean Startup method works great if you are building a product for other people. A number of times however I have found myself working on a Minimum Viable Product, testing it out and getting some initial traction only to find it is something that doesn’t really interest me.

When starting anything which may turn into a long term project or business I’ve started considering whether I would want to be doing this in 5 years time. Also is it a project that could be successfully run by just a single person? And this is where I’ve stepped back a little bit and thought more about ‘scratching your own itch’ ie building something for myself.

Of course this might be why so many programmers build yet another bug tracking solution or task management app, but you know I don’t think it matters. If the idea interests you and it is something you are going to use yourself then why not build it? It is better to use your time to build something that will improve your life than sit there and wait for divine intervention/inspiration. And of course building something for yourself allows you to dog food your own product. It may be likely you are your own products biggest evangelist and user! It may be that you end up being the only person to ever use your software – but it doesn’t matter, as it scratches your itch and makes your life better.

As a programmer it’s also good to have a ‘real’ project to try new things. Found a new javascript library you want to learn? Use it on your own project. There are only so many sample projects you can create – you will only really start learning something when you put it into production. Even if the only real user in production is you.

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