Learning to be successful

I read an interesting blog post by Daniel Teller this weekend titled Successful people are successful. Jason Fried wrote in Inc magazine a little while ago about ‘How to get good at making money’ and how he has been practising making money since he was a young teenager. The more you practise the better you get at something – whether it is golf or business. Well I think the same can be said for being successful. As Daniel Teller says in his post – too many people are aiming for the big success, sacrificing lots of small successes along the way. I can see how this has happened to me, I’ve sacrificed my health (I’m overweight), my general happiness and free time (working too much) on a daily basis. Whereas if I was targeting lots of small successes along the way – such as eating healthy (meaning no chocolate), making sure I take breaks from work and finish on time, spend time on hobbies that make me happy – then each day I’ll have small successes. And once you get good at small successes they amalgamate into bigger successes. For example 30 days of eating healthy will lead to loosing weight, small amounts of daily golf practise will lead to me shooting better scores. And as you can probably guess these medium successes will lead into the bigger larger ones you are looking for.

Don’t feel as though you have to go 5 to 10 years without being successful to try and get the big startup payout! Be successful daily – and see how it becomes a habit!

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