Smoothies are the way forward?
Always a sucker for a good list of book recommendations.
Always joking with friends about new business ideas, and whether they are Amazon proof. Fish and Chip shop might be the only answer soon? hahahaha
Planning makes sure work gets done!
Planning what not to do, is almost as important as planning what to do! Have read similar ideas such as the ‘What not to do list’
Thinking I should start aiming a bit higher and work towards buying Liverpool FC. Only problem is, if I paid that much for something, I’d want to be picking the team too!
I’m working through the back catalogue of James Altuchers podcasts, and this is a real gem. I could listen to AJ Jacobs talk forever he’s so interesting! Can’t wait to start reading his books.
I am thinking home made smoothies might be the best way to get fruit (and more importantly) veg into me.
Great case study on content marketing. Shows any sector can write good content and get links when you mix it with other interesting niches/sectors.

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