Steli Efti – notes from Indiehackers podcast

Sales Tips Every Founder Should Know – Steli Efti

Startup Sales Handbook
subject : indiehackers book

developers think sales people are sleazy

  • persistent annoying people

sales – result driven communication

it’s cool to say ‘we don’t have a sales team’

  • everyone has them, just called something else
  • customer success engineers etc

sales for 1st 100 customers

  • customer insights
  • help with copywriting (terms to use)
  • gives you context

Sales means a harsher feedback loop – we want to shy away from!

First 10 customers

  • reach out to potential buyers, but ask for advice
  • ‘built something new for people like you’
  • people like giving advice
  • what would it take to become one of my earliest customers
    • give feedback, build out roadmap, be an advisor
  • 50 emails a day

subject – their company name + SanityCheck
raise curisoity

  • making the most of Search Console?
  • more clicks?

One call to action – ‘would you like to jump on a call at X or Y?’

Options – 1,2,or 3

Doing business with big companies:
When someones at the table/meeting – you bring value and expertise, so be confident

Big companies are still a collection of humans – you are still selling to Mary.
Enterprise sales takes longer though, because you have to deal with lots of Marys.

Your customers/leads can teach you everything you need to know.

Be vunerable to get feedback and help:

  • I’m just getting started with this kind of stuff, how could I have improved about this demo?

I’m getting started with this kind of stuff, what could I do to improve the trial process of SanityCheck?

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