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I’ve been watching Mixergy for as long as I can remember. Andrew Warner is a machine in putting out quality interviews nearly every working day. I sometimes think I might miss an important interview because I miss a few of them now and again.

I wrote some code that would find out how many times a url has been mentioned on Twitter or Shared/Liked on Facebook. I realized I could use this to put together a Top 10 Mixergy interviews based on social sharing.

So here are the top 10 in terms of Tweets and Facebook Likes:

1, The Master Of Power, Seduction And War – with Robert Green

2, Would WordPress Sue The Maker Of Thesis, A Leading WordPress Theme? – with Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg

3, 37signals Is Selling Sortfolio. What Happened? – with Jason Fried

4, How Khan Academy Is Changing Education With Videos Made In A Closet – with Salman Khan

5, Blasphemy & Revelation – with David Heinemeier Hansson

6, $80,000 A Month In App Sales By Outsourcing EVERYTHING – with Mike Moon and Quoc Bui

7, Sun Microsystems’ Pioneering Co-Founder Gives A Rare Interview – with Scott McNealy

8, Zaarly: How To Get 100,000 Subscribers In 3.5 Months – with Bo Fishback

9, The Story Of Groupon: From Failure To An Industry-Changing, Profit Machine – with Andrew Mason

10, How To Build A Profitable Education Business – with Laura Roeder

If people are interested I can upload a bigger leaderboard.

Just to note, this is far from a perfect way of ranking the interviews – but it is *a* way. Some issues:
– earlier interviews probably didn’t have as many viewers so won’t have had as many tweets/likes
– newer interviews won’t have had as much time to get the clicks. This should hopefully be worked out if I did this again in 6 months time.
– bigger names to interview probably attract more tweets/likes. There are still many great interviews by lesser known people you should watch.
– I’d like to include some other signals – such as number of comments for each interview.

If you’d like me to run this against your site to figure out which of your pages are getting the most Likes/Tweets send me an email at nick.swan@gmail.com. It can even be run against a competitors site!!! This is useful for two reasons:

1, See which of your content attracts sharing
2, Compare your site against your competitors, and see what content of theirs promotes sharing!

One thought on “Mixergy Top 10 Interviews”

  1. Thank you, nice job!

    Of course you should upload a bigger leaderboard 🙂

    le me is just starting out @mixergy, right now downloading ’em 300+ mp3 to listen in my car; and your bigger list would be a good way to start with the most shared 100 first.

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