Should you always try to turn your passion into a business?

I was out riding my bike the other day. The roads were wet and the wind was cold but I was loving it. As I made my way down a country road I started to think about how I could turn this re-found passion into a money making venture!

…I could start a blog about cycling…
…I could start a site where you could list all your different cycling routes in your area…
…I could start a daily deals site just for people who love biking…!

Whoa there a second fella! Just because you enjoy doing something does not mean you have to try and turn it into a money making venture. I’ve done this before – with golf. I tried starting a blog, a positive re-enforcement type site ( and although they started gaining a tiny bit of traction, nether took off as much as I hoped. And as the sites didn’t do too well, I started to dislike golf too! When I did go out and play I was thinking about blog posts I could write, how to get more visitors etc etc. I blame Gary Vaynerchuk and his book Crush It to some degree! (you should still read it though, it is a good book 🙂 )

Since I’ve stopped trying to make web sites around golf I’ve started to enjoy it again.

Of course you do need to have a passion for what you do – my passion is around building things with code. I’m just going to be careful not to mix other passions up with coding quite so much in future. Make sure you pick your projects carefully.

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